Fiber optic trunk cable breakout 12 fibers singlemode OS2, LC-PC/LC-PC, I-V(ZN)HH, with LC Compact

High quality PreCONNECT® BREAKOUT trunk cable 6 channels / 12 fibers with LC-PC Compact connector, crossed channel-wise, connector legs stepped, FRNC indoor cable rund 2,8 mm Subkabel verseilt, I-V(ZN)HH 6x2E9/125µ yellow, G657.A1 bend insensitive. 036A0503G657A1
Fiber optic trunk cable breakout 12 fibers singlemode OS2, LC-PC/LC-PC, I-V(ZN)HH, with LC Compact
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PreCONNECT ® BREAKOUT Applications Data centers and their IT rooms, data center... more
Productinformations "Fiber optic trunk cable breakout 12 fibers singlemode OS2, LC-PC/LC-PC, I-V(ZN)HH, with LC Compact"



Data centers and their IT rooms, data center containers and EDGE computing sites.

  • Universal to use fiber optic cabling system up to 24 fibers per trunk
  • Cost and attenuation optimized
  • Focused on a practical and necessary approach

We see breakout trunk cables for short lengths and up to 24 fibers as an alternative product to our proven loose tube cable-based trunk cables with distribution heads.

Breakout trunk cables do not require distribution heads, since the connectors are directly assembled on the robust sub-elements of the breakout cables.

More information about the different applications can be found in separates product information.



Breakout trunk cable have PreCONNECT® square-interfaces on both sides which can be tool-less hooked into the 19” panel systems for tensile and torsion resistant fixing of the trunk cables.

Cable ends can be assembled with „variable“ long or "stepped" connector legs.

Installation protection:

The connector legs are packed in a non pull resistant dustproof foil tube. Stepped connector legs can be packed optionally in indoor IP50 dustproof, 150 N tensile, step and kink resistant, installation tubes.

Connector types:

According to IEC 61754-x, for more connector specifications see data sheet.

  • MTP®: IEC 61754-7
  • LC: IEC 61754-20


The connector legs are alphanumerically uniquely coded. The standard polarity is „channel-wise crossed“ (pairwise flipped) for full-duplex transmission systems – A1 to B1, A2 to B2, etc. On request „uncrossed“ deliverable.

Fiber types:

According to ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173-1, IEC 60793-2-x and ITUG65x, for more fiber specifications see data sheet.

  • OM3: IEC 60793-2-10 type A1a.2, ITU G.651.1
  • OM4: IEC 60793-2-10 type A1a.3, ITU G.651.1
  • OM5: IEC 60793-2-10 type A1a.4, ITU G.651.1
  • OS2: IEC 60793-2-50 type B1.3, ITU G.657.A1

Cable type:

FRNC-LSZH cable, for more cable specifications see data sheet.

Length definition:

Order-length = length between the connectors of the longest legs at both sides, not between the PreCONNECT® cable dividers.

Scope of delivery and packaging:

Dependent on the length as cable ring or on cardboard or wooden drum, 100% IL factory measured with measurement protocol, measurement values on request or via our website: Serial number on both cable ends for network documentation, Product ID label on each packaging, including installation manual, available in any standard length.


  • Most cost-effective solution for trunks up to 24 fibers and short lengths
  • Fast and safe installation trough factory assembled Plug & Play systematic
  • Highest quality and cost-efficiency through factory assembling
  • PreCONNECT® cabling systems consist of perfectly harmonized modular single components.
General General
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
Polarity crossed channel-wise
Number of channels / fibers 6 / 12
Connector side A / side B
Connector type LC-PC / LC-PC
Connector structure Duplex Compact / Duplex Compact
Mating cycles 500 / 500
Connector color blue / blue
Connector polarity changeable yes / yes
Insertion loss IL < 0,3 dB / < 0,3 dB
Return loss RL > 45 dB / > 45 dB
Cable type I-V(ZN)HH nx2...
Cable sheathing material FRNC
Cable tensile strength / crush resistance 800 N / 1000 N/dm
Cable diameter / fire load 10,5 mm / -
Cable color yellow
Bending radius min. installed / installation 10x / 15x outside diameter
Fiber type singlemode bend insensitive
Core / cladding diameter 9/125µ
ITU Standard G.657.A1
IEC Standard 60793-2-50 type B1.3
EN Standard 50173-1 OS2
Max. link length
500 m 40G) PSM4; 100G) PSM4, DR; 200G) DR4; 400G) DR4
2 km 40G) FR; 50G) FR; 100G) 10x10, CWDM4, CLR4, 100G-LR; 200G) FR4; 400G) FR8, 400G-FR4
10 km 25G) LR, EPON/bidi Access; 40G) LR4; 50G) LR, EPON/bidi Access; 100G) LR4, 4WDM-10, 100G-LR; 200G) LR4; 400G) LR8, 400G-LR4
20 km 25G) EPON/bidi Access; 50G) EPON/bidi Access; 100G) 4WDM-20
40 km 25G) ER, bidi Access; 50G) bidi Access, ER; 100G) ER4, 4WDM-40; 200G) ER4; 400G) ER8
80 km 100G) ZR; 400G) ZR
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